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August 14, 2010

The Morning Offering expresses something, not just about trusting the love of Jesus, but also about  his — and our– mother, because for a Catholic, the one image always suggests the other: the presence of Jesus almost always includes the gentle motherliness of her presence; her presence always points to her Son.

You might read G.M. Hopkins verse, The Blessed Virgin Compared to the Air We Breathe, either online or on the “Fire” page of this blog.

Beside Him stands our holy Mother,


She is not the source of motherhood,

not divine,

but human like ourselves.

Yet she glories in Him eternally

because she knows His mercy in its fullness.

Her compassionate eyes

are always upon us,

and our eyes naturally look to her with trust.

The name of Mary, just her name, is deeply evocative of all that is motherly and close to Jesus at the same time. Yet it is not a matter of worship, but of tenderness for someone who is, like us, a vessel of mercy. St. Therese speaks of the mercy that one recognizes who, though without great sins to repent of, nevertheless sees that this has been a grace as worthy of our gratitude as forgiveness for the worst sins. Therese should know, for her “Little Way” is the supreme teaching about finding holiness through little things done with great love.

It has not always been easy for me to love Mary. She is often presented as such an image of perfection as to seem unapproachable. I had to begin calling her “sister” instead of “mother” to get over my grumpy attitude about this.

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