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Thy Kingdom come!

August 21, 2010

The Kingdom of heaven is in our midst.

It does not, at times, seem so,

but this is our faith.

Jesus the Lord is here,

and we welcome His kingdom.

Our household is our domain in that kingdom,

and we unite ourselves with Him

in His coming to that corner of His Kingdom

where lies our vocation

of service.

“My Lord and my God!

You are here.

I give you my heart.”

We pray, “Thy kingdom come!”

It’s a big kingdom, with lots of nooks and crannies, and lots of people at work in different ways. Our own nook is the household we are creating. A home is created by presence, not with brick and timbers. One constantly sees real-estate ads for wonderful homes. No. Homes are not for sale, just houses. That’s all you can buy, and it’s a nice thing to have a house that’s convenient and light and beautiful and whatnot, but the word home refers to something that cannot be bought and sold. It’s a presence, a particular center of hospitality where the family is growing and everyone who enters by way of that family or not at all.

More than any other single person, the mother builds the home. Women naturally focus on the person first and achievements afterwards; men, with their gift of objectivity, focus first on achievements. The vocation of the mother is to be present in the household with the full strength of her person and turn the house into a home. Decoration is part of it, and cleanliness, and the fragrance of good cooking. But the center of the building of a home is presence — of the mother, of the father who loves her, of the children who are loved by both of them, of the guests who are welcomed.

Sometimes only faith can see this, and the work of the kingdom of God seems impossible. Well! It is impossible, so let that rest.

But it is God who calls, who enables, and who has given to mothers the primary task of making a home which welcomes children and which welcomes and refreshes the fathers who provide for everyone. The worldly vocation of the average father needs the refreshment of a loving home. How many times a father is tempted to lose focus in a culture of death that is disoriented with respect to every aspect of faith or family life.

Pray for your husband, your children, your visitors. And whatever else goes on in your house, give your heart to the Lord who will complement your presence to build a home for himself and for all who seek him in your domain.

Thy kingdom come!

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