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Carrots or crackers

September 19, 2013

My last meal with my 2-year-old grandson was lunch. He had been outside and began to play with his trucks as soon as he came indoors. When I called him for lunch, he obviously didn’t want to come; he was playing his own game and wasn’t hungry enough to care for lunch. I don’t remember what he said, probably “I don’t want lunch” or something like that. It was, from within his world, definitive.

So, what then? I could demand that he come anyway, carry him to the table kicking and howling, and offer him chocolates if he finished his soup. Or I could leave him to his trucks and figure his Mom could feed him when he was hungry enough to come on his own.

Instead, I asked him whether he wanted to have carrots or crackers with his soup. “Carrots” he answered, and came trotting right to the table where he sat while I peeled a carrot, since I didn’t actually have one ready.

Will food. One little decision to let him own the act of lunching, and he was with it. It was still amazing to me.

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