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Meg’s Rule

Meg’s Rule: A Meditation on Motherhood

A Mother’s Rule

Our heavenly Father,

from Whose fullness all fatherhood takes its form

from Whose boundless gift

all motherhood springs forth

from Whose humility the brief

yet eternal loan of children

is entrusted to men and women

(who are themselves but young):

this Father calls us.

Whom We Love

He calls us into motherhood.

He calls us to know Him;

He calls us to respond to His Holy Spirit

as to our beloved spouse.

He calls us into relationship with others whom He loves

with others new-stamped in fatherly graces.

(They did not seem so stamped when we made vows;

we seemed to marry friends…)

Now they are fathers

– and we — mothers!

Mother Is Universe

Our heavenly Father, then, makes mothers.

It is in the carrying of children

that we become mothers.

This first carrying is protective.

“I am the universe of my child.”

May that universe

know itself to be held

in the loving and beloved Hand

of the eternal Father.

Mother in Faith

When motherhood begins

the child is known by faith

and not by sight,

loved in hope and intuition


but without response

especially, without response of eyes.

Awesome Motherhood

In motherhood: greatest awe,

depth of sorrow,

numbness of sleeplessness,

immeasurable joy!

I will celebrate forever,

– when I am a little stronger.

Rising Sun

From the rising of the sun to its setting,

is the Name of the Lord to be praised!

Whether a mother rises before dawn

or at the hour of daybreak,

(perhaps without much sleep behind her)

she is already endowed with all the graces

of her calling.

His Heart

She unites herself with her Lord,

and He gathers unto Himself

her strength and her weakness,

her energy and her weariness.

She has only to look

and He is there with her,

gathering her new day of motherhood

into His Heart.

(to be continued)

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